Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1948

Yay! Another issue of Ladies' Home Journal! And I promise this week's post doesn't include another rant. 😉 This week's issue talks about a a "Homemaker Service" in Hartford Connecticut, "substituting for mothers"! It also includes a "complete-in-one-issue" novel by Elizabeth Cadell called Gay Pursuit ("The time comes when the thing a girl wants most … Continue reading Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1948

Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1960

I have to confess, even seeing the cover of this week's issue of Ladies' Home Journal stirs up some rotten feelings, because of two key things - the mention of Pat Boone, and just a little further down, "How to Lose 25 Pounds and Stay Thin." Why the strange feelings about the two? Well, many … Continue reading Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1960