Interview with Heather of Apollonie!

This week I am thrilled to be interviewing Heather, the owner and creator of Apollonie! Heather is amazing, honestly, I don't think there is anything this woman can't sew! She makes everything from custom corsets, historical clothing, wedding dresses, cosplay - pretty much everything your heart desires, this woman can sew you up a dream! … Continue reading Interview with Heather of Apollonie!


Seventeen Magazine Short Film, 1963

This short film made by Seventeen Magazine in 1963 on teenage girls features a young Mia Farrow! My goodness, the hair, the clothes, the makeup! The adult male voice-over talking about teen girls wanting to look their prettiest! (Ew!) This film really is something else! It was also kind of surreal to watch, to … Continue reading Seventeen Magazine Short Film, 1963