Privacy/Cookies/Affiliate Links


To my lovely EU readers and all others who value privacy in the digital era:

This blog sadly uses cookies, which are set by WordPress and out of my control. I’m working towards one day hosting and running this blog independently, in huge part due to issues like this. I strongly believe in digital privacy rights, and will never agree to give out any of your personal information (unless it is in order for you to receive a giveaway prize) and it is also why you won’t find me on a lot of social media networks, such as Facebook. Digital privacy is a very important issue to me, and not just my own digital privacy but that of my readers, too.

If you would like to help support this blog in becoming an independent website, you can do so by buying me a coffee. It isn’t necessary, but it will make my day and really help turn this dream into a reality!

Until I am able to change things and run this blog independently, I hope you will continue to stay and read my vintage ramblings – but if you don’t I will completely understand. Thank you so much for reading and for supporting this vintage loving gal and her kitschy little blog! ❤

August 3rd, 2018 Update:

Due to some major life changes, this blog will now be using affiliate links.

“Though I had previously decided against things such as affiliate marketing, etc, in the last two weeks I’ve had to seriously reconsider those methods of potential income as an option – not necessarily because my feelings on these things have changed, but because I need to do whatever little things I can here and there to bring in extra money for me and my cat, especially while things are so chaotic. That said, I will only be working with companies that I have personal experience with, ones that I believe in and trust, and that make sense for this blog.

As I’m sure you all know, if you make a purchase using an affiliate link, I would get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. You are in no way obligated or expected to use these links or make any purchases. Affiliate links will always be clearly marked as such either in the link itself or in the post or both, and I will always make sure to include non-affiliate links, so that you have a choice about whether or not to use them if you are interested in a product.

Rest assured, whether I’m including affiliate links in a post, review or on my blog’s sidebar (or even if this ends up leading to things like sponsored posts and things like that, which feels a bit beyond me at this point), I will always be honest about any products reviewed or mentioned. Being open, honest and transparent is incredibly important to me – and that will not change – no matter what.

I really hope you all understand why I’ve had to change my stance on things like this, and that you won’t mind.”