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Here are some direct links to posts from my archives containing free sewing, knitting, or crochet patterns, plus books and magazines, so you can easily access all the lovely free stuff! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sewing/Knitting/Crochet Patterns:

1. 1920’s Sewing Patterns from Modern Mechanical Methods of Home Sewing
2. 1960’s Dress Sloper and Self Drafted Patterns from Pattern Drafting and Grading by Michael Rohr
3. My Monster Doll Pattern!
4. Public Domain Doll Patterns
5. 1960’s Knitting and Crochet Patterns from Patons no. 127
6. 1930’s Self Drafted PJ’s From The Mode in Dress and Home
7. 1930’s Self Drafted Undergarments from The Mode in Dress and Home
8. 1930’s Self Drafted Slips from The Mode in Dress and Home
9. Various Self Drafted Patterns from Vintage Sewing Books for Little Girls
10. 1940’s Various Self Drafted Patterns from The Complete Book of Sewing
11. 1948 Cumberbund Pattern from Vogue’s Book of Smart Dressmaking
12. 1940’s Knitting Patterns from Patons no. 184
13. 1919 Plain Kimono Nightgown from Garments for Girls
14. Easy 1950’s Open Back Halter from Girl’s Book of Sewing
15. 1919 Self Drafted Skirt Pattern from Garments for Girls
16. 1919 Self Drafted Petticoats Pattern from Garments for Girls
17. 1919 Self Drafted Middy Blouse from Garments for Girls
18. 1950’s Heart Shaped Wrist Pin Cushion, and Rocking Doll Pattern from Girl’s Book of Sewing
19. 1950’s Apron, from Girl’s Book of Sewing
20. Luna Wolf Free Cloth Menstrual Pads Pattern and Tutorial

Vintage Magazines:

1. Modes De Paris, July 15th, 1949
Modes De Paris, January 6th, 1950
3. Modes De Paris, October 6th, 1950
4. Mode Du Jour, August 14th, 1952
5. Mode Du Jour, February 13th 1954
6. Mode Du Jour, March 11th, 1954
7. McCall’s Magazine, November 1925
8. Mode Du Jour, April 8th, 1954
9. McCall’s Magazine, July 1922
10. Mode Du Jour, May 20th, 1954
11. McCall’s Magazine, August 1926
12. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, July 19th, 1936
13. McCall’s Magazine, July 1927
14. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, January 25th, 1953
15. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, February 2nd, 1953
16. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, March 8th, 1953
17. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, March 15th, 1953
18. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, May 17th, 1953
19. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, August 9th, 1953
20. Le Petit Echo de la Mode, November 29th, 1953
21. Delineator Magazine, October 1932
22. Delineator Magazine, November 1891
23. Delineator Magazine, August 1884
24. Delineator Magazine, January 1899
25. Screenland Magazine, October 1923
26. Screenland Magazine, February 1923
27. Screenland Magazine, December 1922
28. Screenland Magazine, August 1923
29. Screenland Magazine, January 1922
30. Screenland Magazine, April 1923
31. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, November 1948
32. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (UK Edition), April 1959
33. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (UK Edition), August 1958
34. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, February 1948
35. The Shadow Magazine, November 1932
36. The Shadow Magazine, August 1933
37. Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, October 1954
38. Thrilling Mystery Novel Magazine, January 1946
39. Life Magazine, October 23rd, 1939
40. Life Magazine, August 11th, 1947
41. Life Magazine, June 5th, 1944
42. McCall’s Magazine, January 1911
43. McCall’s Magazine, January 1923
44. Hush Hush Magazine, August 1963
45. Hush Hush Magazine, September 1961
46. Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1950
47. Ladies’ Home Journal, August 1952
48. Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1965
49. Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1949
50. Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1960
51. Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1948

Vintage Books, etc:

1. Complete Home Reference Book of Sewing And Needlework, Mary Brooks Picken and Elizabthe L. Mathieson
2. Make Do and Mend for Victory booklet
3. Practical Dress Design, Mabel Deane Erwin, 1954
4. Books by Mrs. Beeton
5. Pattern Drafting and Grading, M. Rohr, 1961
6. Various Vintage Sewing Books for “Little Girls”
7. Art In Dress, Clement P. Brown, 1922
8. Dressmaking Self Taught in Twenty Complete Lessons, Madame Edith Marie Carens, 1911
9. The Mode in Dress and Home, Dulcie Godlove Donovan, 1935
10. Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning, 1953
11. The Art of Knitting, Butterick, 1892
12. The New Dressmaker, Butterick, 1921
13. The Dress You Wear and How to Make it, Mary Jane Rhoe, 1918
14. The ABC of Dress, Henry Collins, 1923
15. Butterick’s The Dressmaker, 1911
16. Farewell, My lovely, Raymond Chandler, 1940
17. Little Orphan Annie comic book, 1938
18. Mr. Civil Defense Tells About Natural Disasters
19. Ellery Queen Comic, 1952
20. The Dunrich School of Dressmaking, 1940’s
21. 10 Hollywood Hair Styles by Arlene Dahl, 1950s
22. Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls, 1975

4 thoughts on “Free Downloads

      • I probably will. Iโ€™d love to take a class. ๐Ÿ˜Š btw the article on Kate spade was good but sad. Itโ€™s so sad what happened.

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      • I’d definitely love to take a sewing class myself someday! Craftsy has some sewing classes you can take online, by the way, I started taking a couple at the end of last year, but need to actually get back in the swing of sitting down and taking the classes – my ADD mixed with lack of time definitely wasn’t my friend when I first started taking them! Luckily when you buy the classes you get to keep them for life! But I’d love to take a class out there in the “real world” too – it would force me to sit down and focus for one thing. Lol.

        Aww, thank you. It really is sad what happened with Kate. It really goes to show you never really know what is going on in someone’s life, they could be absolutely miserable and really suffering and you might not know until it’s tragically too late. I have no firm beliefs about the afterlife, but I hope that wherever she/her spirit/energy is now, it is a better place where she is at peace and no longer suffering.

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