How To Apply Makeup, 1940’s

How to apply makeup, 1940's style! A very quick and easy makeup tutorial, using very few products (vanishing cream, rouge, lipstick and powder, that's it!) to achieve a classic vintage look! I love how little fuss is involved, but I think my eyes would feel a little naked if I wore a full face of … Continue reading How To Apply Makeup, 1940’s



Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. Every year it hits me like an avalanche. I don't think I'll ever get used to this day, or to spending my birthday without her (I was born on her birthday, August 24th, we were also both born on a Tuesday, coincidentally). This day is always painful, … Continue reading Mom

Interview with Helen of 20th Century Cloth!

This week I'm very excited to be interviewing the lovely Helen of 20th Century Cloth! Helen creates wonderfully fun, kitschy and gorgeous fabrics inspired by Mid-Century textiles and designs. If you've ever longed for the amazing fabric of the Atomic Age, 20th Century Cloth is your go-to shop for incredible fabric that looks truly authentic! … Continue reading Interview with Helen of 20th Century Cloth!