Movin’ Out

Don’t mind me, I’m just chilling over here at being super geeky as usual!

Why is the blog moving? Well, honestly, for mostly very boring and practical reasons: I used up just about all the space here and blogging about sewing and fashion and all of that jazz without photos would be quite difficult, and very visually boring, so off I go to greener/more spacious pastures! I’m still figuring out stuff like eventually getting my own domain and things like that, but I didn’t want to just stop blogging while I sorted it all out.

Plus, I just really needed a change. This blog has been amazing and life changing in so many ways and has given me so many incredible opportunities I never would have expected, but so many things have changed and are changing in my life and I feel like this blog should be one of them. I’m still going to be writing about a lot of the same stuff, but it’s kind of like moving into a new home after a huge transition (another thing that I should be doing this year!) and having a blank slate. I love that wonderful feeling of having an empty space you can fill and make completely your own, it’s so exciting and creatively inspiring!

You may also be wondering why this isn’t all super secret and incognito, considering all of the times I mentioned I might go that route due to issues with my ex. Well, there are two reasons, one being that I don’t know if this move will be permanent, and two, at this point, I kind of don’t care. I’m not going to let him scare me out of doing, saying or writing what I want, my blog is my space and my life is my life and neither have anything to do with him, so I’m not going to be intimidated. I’m tired of feeling like I have to hide, so I won’t.

All of that said, I hope to see you over at the new blog! Things are still kind of under construction over there, but I’m looking forward to being able to post without worrying about the space issues – and hopefully it will lead to me posting a bit more often than I have been!

8 thoughts on “Movin’ Out

  1. Hi Emily sorry to see that you are moving though a new change can be a wonderful thing. I will follow your new one. Though our blogs are vastly different it’s nice when we hit on shared interests. Truth be told I do use a sewing machine on a daily basis at work! but also an industrial welder to balance it out! hehe

    PS if it’s the runout of free space issue with wordpress, I know it can be a slight chore but if you shrink the photos down to KBs rather than MBs you’ll find the space will last for years. I’m at 11% after 2 years of picture heavy posts. Or upload everything to Flickr and embed the photos. (Sorry for the boring PS lol)
    PSS I wish you good fun times on your new venture. 🙂

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    • Aw, thanks! I always really enjoy reading your blog and I definitely plan on writing more about some of the super cheesy movies I like to watch over the next year! 😀 i also wanted to say that it’s so cool you use a sewing machine in your day job!

      Ooh, thanks so much for the tip! This will definitely come in handy!!

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  2. I love hearing the strength in your attitude and wishes. I know you will do what is best for you! You are a fighter, stronger and a better person now than when you were being oppressed. (Knowingly or otherwise.) But it’s a new day and you will find more light and warmth in the sunshine of this new day! Take it in, you deserve it!

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  3. Hiya!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you!! How amazing and wonderful to start something fresh. I know it will be great! Have you released the new location of your blog yet?? I don’t want to miss a thing!
    Big hug, Lisa xo

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