Padam Vintage Review

I recently bought two fabulous vintage dresses from Padam Vintage, and thought I would write a little review of both the dresses and the shop itself!

My dresses arrived quickly, safely packaged in a box, with the dresses carefully wrapped in paper and an adorable gift from Granny’s Dishcloths! The dresses were exactly as described and Kyle, the owner of Padam Vintage, was great to do business with and was so helpful and kind!


And the dresses, oh my gosh, the dresses! I love these dresses so much!



The first is a very 1920’s inspired paisley dress from the 1960’s by Charlene Creations. I absolutely love this dress, it’s so much fun to wear and has such incredible movement — perfect for dancing or just swishing around the home feeling fabulous and glamorous! The fabric seems to be polyester or a polyester blend, but it’s so much nicer than modern polyester — it has great body, drape and weight and is silky, slinky and absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about this dress and have worn it just about every day since it arrived!

I must have spent at least a week being completely indecisive about whether or not to get this dress, thinking it was too frivolous and impractical, but I just couldn’t get it off my mind and kept obsessing over it. I’m so glad that I ended up buying it, because it is by far one of my favourite dresses ever. I love wearing it, it makes me feel wonderful every time I put it on, makes life feel more fun just walking around and feeling the bottom of the dress dance around my legs — and speaking of dancing, just wearing this dress makes me prone to busting out in impromptu dance moves just for the hell of it because it’s so much fun to dance in and puts a such huge smile on my face! Something that can make me feel this good is worth it’s weight in gold to me.



The second is a 1970’s dress by BB Dakota. This dress is incredibly beautiful and has so many lovely details! I fell in love with this dress for all of the gorgeous details on the bodice alone! The skirt is lined (minus a few inches right under the bodice) and seems to be wool or possibly a wool/polyester blend? I’m not sure, I just know it’s a bit prickly and since my skin is sensitive to most things, wool included, I have to wear this dress with a slip for extra skin protection — a sacrifice I’m willing to make for something this stunning. The bodice is polyester, or a polyester blend.

Knowing that 2019 will more than likely involve at least a few times when a classy, serious and adult/professional looking outfit will be necessary made this dress both a necessity and an investment in my mind. The fact that it is vintage, has interesting details that make me happy and is in colours that I love, made it even more worth it to me.

If you can walk into a potentially difficult, serious or frightening situation wearing clothes that make you stand straighter and feel more powerful, confident and in control, I think it can give you a bit of a boost or an edge. It may be a bit of a psychological trick you’re playing on yourself, but it still helps. Throughout my life there have been times when I have used clothing (and makeup) as a form of armor, and funnily enough that is how I see this dress, as armor. Beautiful armor, but armor all the same that will help protect me and carry me through some difficult situations, and I’m glad it will a part of my journey through the next year — and many more years to come!

I love both of the dresses that I bought from Padam Vintage and would happily do business with them again!


You can visit Padam Vintage on Etsy or their standalone website. Kyle also has a shop for vintage men’s and unisex clothing called Principal Vintage, and a vintage home decor shop called Second Voyage!ย 

2 thoughts on “Padam Vintage Review

  1. Generally I’m not fond of 20’s style but I do love paisley and that one’s especially lovely. I think I like the other dress even more though. Perfect “serious” colors but not too dull.

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