Doris Day, Dream a Little Dream of Me

Just a silly post for my cat, who obviously can’t read and has no idea what the internet is, except that it is a place where her mom finds the music she loves and she can gaze lovingly at anyone from David Bowie to the Andrews Sisters as they are performing. As I said, I don’t think my cat was enjoying Patti Smith quite so much, but I know she loves this song, because I sing it to her every night when I tuck her into bed and it instantly calms her down. We both love Doris Day, she’s one of my favourite women and she’s the only human who can soothe my cat as much as I do – sometimes even more so!

So goodnight everyone, sweet dreams til sunbeams find you.

2 thoughts on “Doris Day, Dream a Little Dream of Me

  1. My cat Chelsea loves music too! Or at least I like to believe… I sing to her and she tolerates it. And I always say that Chelsea likes the soothing harmonization of The Everly Brothers. Then again, who doesn’t? Thanks so much for such a cute post. 🙂

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