The Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1965


I’m so excited about this week’s issue of The Ladies’ Home Journal! I’m so glad I accidentally found these on a few weeks ago! You all know I’m a huge geek when it comes to vintage magazines – I blame my local library, where I used to be able to buy vintage issues of Life magazine for 10 cents when I was a teenager! I’d go just about every weekend and grab as many as I could get my hands on – I wish I still had them…and also kind of wish I hadn’t cut them up to make collages – yikes!

This week’s issues of Ladies’ Home Journal sounds like it will be a fascinating read – we’re going to learn “The Truth About Female Hormones”! Witness an epic showdown between Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Sagan! And learn “How Mothers Fight Prejudice” – 1960’s style! This should be AMAZING! Plus, what originally sparked my excitement about this week’s issues – we have Jean Shrimpton on the cover! ♥ It doesn’t get much better than this!

You can download your own copy for free here, or read it online right here!


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