The Ladies’ Home Journal, January 1950

This week I have a lovely issue of The Ladies' Home Journal from January 1950 to share with all of you, courtesy of - as always! These magazines were absolutely massive! You can download a free copy for yourself here, or read a copy online (also for free) right here!  

An Update, and a bit of a Tribute to My Sisters

I haven't really been around this past week - well, I haven't really been around much the last few weeks, but this week more so than usual. Things have been chaotic and my internet connection decided that this month was the perfect time to start being particularly terrible and unreliable - hopefully that will change … Continue reading An Update, and a bit of a Tribute to My Sisters


Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. Every year it hits me like an avalanche. I don't think I'll ever get used to this day, or to spending my birthday without her (I was born on her birthday, August 24th, we were also both born on a Tuesday, coincidentally). This day is always painful, … Continue reading Mom