Interview with Helen of 20th Century Cloth!

This week I'm very excited to be interviewing the lovely Helen of 20th Century Cloth! Helen creates wonderfully fun, kitschy and gorgeous fabrics inspired by Mid-Century textiles and designs. If you've ever longed for the amazing fabric of the Atomic Age, 20th Century Cloth is your go-to shop for incredible fabric that looks truly authentic! … Continue reading Interview with Helen of 20th Century Cloth!

Life Magazine, June 5th, 1944

This week's issue of Life Magazine is from June 5th, 1944, and it doesn't just feature an article on the U.S. Infantry, but Women at War and a whole bunch of other WWII related items - even the majority of the advertisements revolve around the war! (Click to enlarge images) You can read a copy … Continue reading Life Magazine, June 5th, 1944

Interview with Molly of Folkwear!

Today I am thrilled to be interviewing Molly Hamilton, the amazingly talented and inspiring woman behind the iconic Folkwear sewing pattern company! Folkwear has been on the scene creating gorgeous patterns based on historical and vintage garments from around the world since the 1970's, and they were actually the first vintage inspired sewing patterns I … Continue reading Interview with Molly of Folkwear!

Made to Suffer for Her Sins by Christina Cauterucci for Slate and my thoughts

The Trump administration’s policies on family separation and abortion are driven by one view: A woman’s pain is fitting punishment. -Made to Suffer for Her Sins, by Christina Cauterucci for Slate. We need to stop pretending that all of this is about anything other than violent, toxic hatred - primarily misogyny and racism. There have … Continue reading Made to Suffer for Her Sins by Christina Cauterucci for Slate and my thoughts