Sewcialite Studio Valerie Dress Review!

I know, I know, I keep mentioning that I sewed my first dress and promising to write a post about it, but before I do that, I just have to post about the second dress I’ve made because I love it so much!

My husband and I are going to Comiccon this weekend and my geeky little Whovian heart is ready to explode with excitement, because Matt Smith is going to be there! Yes, we are going to Comiccon just so we can see the Eleventh Doctor, and I feel absolutely zero shame about it! I knew I had to make the perfect dress for the occasion, so I chose Sewcialite Studio’s Valerie dress, and made it up in Exploding Tardis fabric! For this dress, I used the Box Pleat skirt option which is an add on you can buy from Sewcialite Studio that will work with any Sewcialite Studio dress pattern!

Even before I started sewing, I had dream dress in mind made up in Exploding Tardis fabric. Once I finally got the fabric, it still took months to find the right pattern to make the dress. When my husband and I bought out tickets for Comiccon, it was the perfect excuse to make my dream dress into a reality, and using the Valerie dress pattern was the perfect choice. It showcases the fabric beautifully, and is so cute! I plan on making this dress in a variety of fabrics, because I love it so much.

I’ve never made a dress for an event before, and I’m honestly so glad I chose this pattern. It took a lot of the stress out of the process of making a dress I know will be seen by a lot of people (hello, social anxiety, my old friend…)


Sewcialite Studio Valerie Dress, pictured here with belt from Pinup Girl Clothing and vintage 1950’s gloves.

I loved sewing this pattern! I’ve been enduring headache after headache recently when sewing patterns from the Big 4 and it has been really getting me down, so sewing the Valerie dress was honestly like a breath of fresh air.

This pattern comes as a PDF and printing it off and taping it together was a snap, I didn’t have any problems with mismatched pieces or anything and it was quite easy to do. Normally I hate taping together PDF patterns because I sometimes find that the pieces don’t line up properly, but this pattern was easy and everything went together correctly, which was awesome! The pattern pieces themselves all line up and fit together correctly, which sometimes isn’t even the case with some Big 4 patterns. It was a breeze to sew!


Plus, seriously, this neckline is killer!

I can’t really comment on the instructions, because I don’t often follow sewing pattern instructions, unless there is a technique I don’t understand or I get stuck on a problem or whatever I’m sewing is really complex. This dress was easy, I’m not even kidding, it was so easy to put together that I didn’t have to refer to the instructions beyond a quick glance. I will say, for those of you who like reading instructions, or are new to sewing, Reagan of Sewcialite Studio recently told me that she’s working on making full instructions for her sewing patterns, which is awesome! She’s also working on some new patterns, which I’m really excited about!

There is an option to line this dress, but since I was working on a bit of a (self-imposed) deadline to get this dress done in time for Comiccon, I didn’t line it. I used Snug Hug to tidy up the arm holes, seams and also on the hem because I ran out of bias binding. Speaking of the hem, I made the hem for this dress pretty narrow, because it came to just below my knees (I’m about 5’3″) and I didn’t want to make it too much shorter than that.


The box pleat shirt option worked out beautifully! It is a box pleated circle skirt so there is a lot of volume and movement, and when you throw on a petticoat underneath it looks even more fabulous! (Unfortunately I forget to get a shot of my dress with a petticoat, oops!)

Even sewing this dress by hand, it went together really quickly, and could probably be sewn up in a few hours by machine. The fit is really great. I cut a size small for the bodice and the skirt and it fits true to size. Since my bust is smaller than Sewcialite Studio’s smallest size, I just worked with the darts and side seams a little to make it work (by the way, there are four darts in the Valerie – two waist darts in the front and two waist darts in the back.) This dress fits really well, which is awesome! My measurements are 32″ bust, 26″ waist and 34-35″ hips, and here is Sewcialite Studio’s size chart, for reference.


Image Credit: Sewcialite Studio

There’s just about nothing worse in sewing than making up a pattern and finding that it doesn’t fit correctly – this was definitely not the case with the Valerie dress. No wasted fabric, no headaches, no tears, yay! Considering the headache Big 4 patterns have plagued me with recently, this was a massive relief. I loved every part of making my Valerie dress, it was so easy, so quick, and so much fun. It’s been hard for me to find patterns that are both easy and adorable at the same, but Sewcialite Studio’s patterns definitely fit the bill! The details are absolutely classic, chic and adorable, from the box pleat skirt to the amazing neckline!


Please excuse my poor ironing job on the right hand side of the neckline, but this is the Valerie neckline from the back, I absolutely love it!

Here are some photos of the inside of the dress, just so you can see the quick finishing techniques I used (actually, the finishing techniques probably took longer than the sewing of the actual dress!):

(Click to enlarge images)

This dress is one of my favourite sewing projects to date. It’s so cute, so easy to make, the pattern is so well made and it was such a quick and satisfying sew – plus it screams “vintage!” which I love! The only thing that could have made this dress even more awesome is if it had pockets.

I’m really excited about wearing this dress to Comiccon – and in my ever day life! This dress makes me ridiculously happy! Thank you, Reagan, for helping my dream dress become a reality! ❀

I would definitely recommend the Valerie dress pattern by Sewcialite Studio, and the box pleat skirt add-on! This project was so much fun and I plan on making this dress again! If you’d like to learn more about Sewcialite Studio, you can read the interview I did with Reagan earlier this year! And make sure to check out Reagan’s gorgeous patterns, they really are fabulous!



Note: This pattern was given to me by Reagan of Sewcialite Studio in exchange for an honest review, but rest assured that all opinions in this review are my own. πŸ™‚

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