Flame Noir Candle Co. Mega Review!


When I reviewed Flame Noir Candle Co.’s 221B Baker Street candle awhile back, I mentioned that Jennifer had been kind enough to send me some products to review. Well, today I’m finally reviewing all of the wonderful candles and wax melts that Jennifer sent me! Spoiler alert: they are amazing!

A big thank you to Jennifer for giving me this wonderful opportunity to try out some of her products! 🙂

Now, without further ado, here is my full review of Flame Noir Candle Co.!

First up…


Image Credit: Flame Noir Candle Co.

Cahuenga 615/PHILIP MARLOWE:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “Cahuenga 615” with this mysterious blend of rich, Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco, & the masculine scents of a noir-era barbershop. The top notes of the rich coffee and middles notes of tobacco blend perfectly with the exotic resins, spices and aftershave finish of this candle. While outwardly rugged, the scent will appeal to dames and hard boys alike. “Cahuenga 615” is our signature scent.

SCENT NOTES: Colombian coffee, cocoa beans, Cuban tobacco, tobacco leaf, hair tonic, aftershave, amber, brandy, brown sugar, cloves, Oriental spice”

Can you be in love with a scent? If so, I’m in love with the scent of this candle! You can definitely smell the Colombian coffee, brown sugar and cocoa beans, which is such a yummy combination! My husband loves this candle too! It’s seriously the most awesome smelling candle I’ve ever had. If Cahuenga 615 were made into a perfume, I would wear it every day, without a doubt, I love this scent so much.

I have this candle in the 4oz size and it is to die for. This candle smells so damned good I wish I could eat it – seriously, it smells delicious!

Next, tea light candles!


Image Credit: Flame Noir Candle Co.

Jennifer sent me six lovely tea lights, here my thoughts on all of them!

Hotel Normandie/NORA CHARLES:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “Hotel Normandie” with this sassy cocktail of intoxicating jasmine, upscale bergamot, and the amorous whimsy of whole vanilla bean. Aromatic top notes of exotic jasmine spring to life against luxurious bergamot middle notes and finish with warm, a creamy vanilla.

SCENT NOTES: Exotic Jasmine, fresh cut lilac, creamy vanilla bean, citrusy sweet bergamot.”

A light yet rich warm floral scent with a hint of citrus and vanilla. I really like this one. It’s sweet and robust and I really enjoy it. I didn’t think I was going to be as into the more typically “feminine” scents, but I really like the mysterious, sultry richness of this candle. This is another I would wear if it came as a perfume! It’s exactly how I imagine Nora Charles would smell. ❤ The mix of vanilla bean and the citrus-y undertones from the bergamot remind me of her sass and wit. Also, I really love the scent of lilac, there were a few times when I was growing up that we had lilac bushes, so this is a very comforting scent to me.


From Jennifer’s Description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “H Division” with this resolute blend of musky patchouli, Oriental spices, tangy citrus and the masculine aroma of cinnamon & cedar. The top notes of this candle are the musky patchouli, tangy citrus and Oriental spices, which are softened by middle notes of creamy vanilla and soothing cedar, before finishing on a bed of subtle rose and white carnation. The outcome is spicy, earthy and very masculine.

SCENT NOTES: Oriental spices, musk, patchouli, mandarin orange, lemon verbena, saffron, Victorian rose, carnation, cinnamon, cloves, cedar, vanilla.”

This one is really nice, the scent seems very light at first, at least in the sample form, but it’s very relaxing. This is a very warm, intoxicating scent and I really enjoy it!

St. Mary Mead/MISS MARPLE:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “St. Mary Mead” with this prudent blend of fragrant black tea, fresh cotton, whispering jasmine, and soft airy scents of an English garden. Aromatic top notes of black tea and pressed cotton give way to soft floral middle notes and finish with hints of jasmine and amber in this old-fashioned, feminine fragrance.

SCENT NOTES: Black tea, fresh cotton, cashmere, amber, ozone, jasmine, white garden blossoms and hints of citrus, lavender, and rose”

This one is soo nice and relaxing and definitely does justice to the amazing Miss Jane Marple! You really can smell the scent of fresh cotton linens, the citrus, florals and black tea. I loved this one much more than I initially thought I would. It’s endlessly comforting and was wonderful to use while watching some of my favourite episodes of Miss Marple! ❤

Whitehaven Mansions/HERCULE POIROT:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “Whitehaven Mansions” with this distinguished blend of Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies, and the aroma of old fashioned grooming tonic. The top note of this candle is dark, velvety chocolate. When combined with subtle floral middle notes and a grooming tonic and exotic resin finish, the outcome is both complex and luxurious.

SCENT NOTES: Belgian chocolate, mysterious opium, poppies, hair tonic, mustache wax, vintage red wine, warm amber musk with hints of cloves & myrrh.”

I have to say that I absolutely love how Jennifer writes her descriptions, they’re so perfect!

As a huge Poirot fan I’m really enjoying this candle! The scent combination is wonderful and definitely suits one of my all time favourite detectives! I love this candle and it’s warm, rich, complex chocolately scent!

Hercule’s Rose/HERCULE POIROT:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time with “Hercule’s Rose”, an honorary blend of pink Victorian roses, vetiver and jasmine, delightful bergamot, and a hint of grooming tonic. Floral top notes of pink Victorian roses and fragrant jasmine mingle with middle notes of earthy vetiver and citrusy bergamot, finishing with hints of white musk, amber, and Hercule’s ever-present grooming tonic.

SCENT NOTES: Fresh cut Victorian roses, white musk, amber, vetiver, jasmine, bergamot, old-fashioned grooming tonic.”

Another lovely Hercule Poirot candle! This one definitely has a lovely light floral scent and is actually very comforting! The mix of the floral scents and the scent of the grooming tonic is really nice and I really enjoyed this one a lot! I’ve been experimenting with the two Poirot candles and the Miss Marple candle while watching episodes of ITV’s Poirot and Miss Marple and they really add to the experience of watching both shows! I think I’ll definitely end up buying a larger size of Whitehaven Mansions!

On the topic of Flame Noir’s Agatha Christie inspired candles, I’ve been thinking that it would be so amazing if Jennifer created candles for Tommy And Tuppence Beresford! Tuppence Beresford is one of my all time favourite Christie characters, and I would particularly love if a candle were created to honor her. But maybe that’s just me! I’d also love one for Ariadne Oliver, but I know she isn’t a detective, so it’d probably be asking a lot. 😛

8411 1/2 Sunset Strip/LEW ARCHER:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “8411 ½ Sunset Strip” with this wily blend of fresh Italian bergamot, frothy, old-fashioned shaving soap, & the aromatic spice of whole dried cloves. Citrusy-sweet top notes of Italian bergamot unfold against soft middle notes of creamy, lathering shaving soap and finish with the spice of warm cloves, giving this candle an understated masculine quality.

SCENT NOTES: Fresh, citrusy-sweet bergamot, hints of rum, frothy shaving soap and warm spicy cloves.”

Mmmm…you can defnitely smell the bergamot, rum, spices and shaving soap! I really like this one! I know, I know, I sound like a broken record by now, but damn, these candles all smell so good!

And last, but certainly not least, wax melts!


Image Credit: Flame Noir Candle Co.

Hunter-Dulin BLDG/SAM SPADE:

From Jennifer’s description:

“CANDLE SCENT: Step back in time to “Hunter-Dulin Bldg” with a commanding blend of fresh tobacco, Indian sandalwood, aged leather and the smoldering intensity of wood smoke. The spicy top notes of Indian sandalwood mellow against vintage leather and fresh tobacco middle notes, with a mysterious lingering smoke finish that gives this candle a subtle, masculine quality.

SCENT NOTES: Indian sandalwood, aged leather, fresh tobacco, spicy cinnamon, cedar, dried leaves, charred wood, pine, warm cloves, vintage wine and musk.”

I love, love, love these wax melts! I’d never used wax melts before, but my husband and I have been getting a LOT of use out of these because we both love the scent so much. There’s just something about the scent of aged leather, tobacco, sandalwood, spices and wood smoke, it’s such an amazing combination!

Final Thoughts:

I’d have to say that out of all the Flame Noir Candle Co products we’ve tried, my absolute favourites have to be Cahuenga 615, 221B Baker Street, Hunter-Dulin Bldg, and Whitehaven Mansions. This was not an easy choice to make, because they are all truly amazing and we enjoyed every single one, but those four really stand out to me.

Flame Noir Candle Co.’s scents make the perfect gift for the mystery lover in your life, or even a really awesome treat for yourself! I already have plans to buy a few of them for myself as soon as possible! I love that some of them even come in sets – there really is so much to choose from and I just love these candles and melts.

I guess by now it’s obvious that I absolutely love Flame Noir Candle Co. Jennifer’s work is amazing and the love, talent and dedication she pours into her products really shows. And I LOVE that they don’t just smell fantastic and put all commercial scented candles to absolute shame, but that they are ethically made and safe not only for us for us, but for the environment and our furry friends, too!

If you would like to try some of Jennifer’s products for yourself, you can get 10% off your order at Flame Noir Candle Co. using coupon code: FNCCKITSCH2018 at the checkout! Good for one use, until December 31st, 2018. I definitely recommend them! And if you would like to know more about Jennifer and Flame Noir Candle Co, you can read the interview I did with Jennifer back in March right here!


Note: Though I was given these products by Flame Noir Candle Co. in exchange for a review, rest assured that all thoughts and impressions contained in this review are my own honest opinions. 🙂


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