Ila & Alice Mega Review!


The lovely Lisa of ila & alice, who I was lucky enough to interview a little while back, was sweet enough to send me a gorgeous package of goodies in the mail to review and I am honestly so thankful and so excited about this!

These couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The day the package arrived in the mail had been an incredibly hard one, and receiving this package cheered me up so much. I spent a long time just reading through every message and some of them even had me choked up – in a good way! – sometimes you really do need to hear certain things, and the messages in Lisa’s work are undeniably powerful and empowering. It really turned my day around – and continues to do so every time I look at these wonderful messages and see these wonderful cards and pins.

Where do I even start? Even the envelopes Lisa mails her products in are works of art! I tried to photograph as much of the envelope as possible, without showing my address, of course, so I could show all of you just how adorable this is!

(Click to enlarge images)

The products themselves were wrapped in a bag with printings of vintage advertisements!!


“Stoves! Stoves! Over 100 and 30 stoves!”

Lisa’s cards, buttons, and postcards – everything! – are just so wonderfully made, so quirky, gorgeous, kitschy and unique and are all right down my alley!


As you can see, the main image on the card (and this is so with all of Lisa’s cards) are actually stitched on and the stitching itself is perfection! The cards are absolutely gorgeous and incredibly well made! Very high quality – the same degree of quality one would find in a commercial greeting card (if not better), but so much more personal and meaningful. The little purple guy in the lower right hand corner is one of ila & alice’s pins and I love the message – Let Your Light Shine Everyday! The little cards can be put into a journal or used in art projects, sent to friends and loved ones, well, you can do whatever you want with them! Some of these be going up on the wall in my little sewing nook in the living room where I keep my Singer Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine from the early 1910’s. These will fit right in with the vintage postcards and photos I already have up and looking at them while I’m sewing will be wonderful.


A set of postcards with the ila & alice manifesto for the magic of snail mail (which I love!), plus Lisa’s business card (a work of art in and of itself!), another button on the lower right hand corner reminding us all to “leave room for magic” and a set of awesome fridge magnets up in the top right hand corner!


Here are the magnets up close. I absolutely love these. I actually have a bit of a collection of fridge magnets, a lot of which I made myself a few years back, and these will be wonderful additions to that collection! Speaking of collections, I’ve also been collecting pins since I was a teenager! I actually have a mental wish list of ila & alice pin sets that I want to buy myself for that collection.  🙂


Another gorgeous card and more wonderfully positive messages! I really love this card, the moon reminds me of drawings that my mom was always adding to her endless series of grocery lists and notes. She used to draw a lot of suns and moons and flowers, and her suns and moons all had faces. While the faces weren’t exactly like this one, of course, this card brings me great comfort because when I see that moon I automatically think of her. I know she would have loved Lisa’s cards. ❤


A close up of the messages in this series. I love these! Such important things to remember.


Last but not least, more of these wonderful positive messages and an ila & alice pad of sticky notes!!! What’s not to love?

In the spirit of the Snail Mail Manifesto, I’m going to be sending some of these wonderful gifts in the mail to some people that I love, though it will be hard to part with any of them, to be honest! 😉

I definitely recommend Lisa’s products, I love her work so much that I actually just ordered some of her pin sets to give as gifts! Lisa’s products are all high quality, gorgeous, incredibly meaningful and are perfect to give as presents to those you care about – or even to yourself! After all, we can all do with a little extra positivity, empowerment, love and magic in our lives! 

Like it says in the side bar over there, You can use coupon code IMOPEN15 at checkout to get 15% off your order at ila & alice, both on her official site and her Etsy store!


Thank you so much Lisa, for these amazing and generous gifts! I feel so honored, so lucky and so thankful to be experiencing the beauty of your creations! ❤


Note: As stated above, I was given these products for free by Lisa of ila & alice, but, as always, all opinions in this review are my own true and honest impressions of her work. 🙂

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