Flame Noir Candle Co. 221B Baker Street Candle Review

Awhile back I ordered one of Jennifer’s amazing candles for my husband for his birthday. The one that he was most excited about when I told him all about Jennifer’s work was 221B Baker Street – due to the blend of scents incorporated and because he’s a big Sherlock Holmes fan. His birthday gifts ended up being very Sherlock Holmes themed, which was a lot of fun, and the Flame Noir Candle Co. 221B Baker Street candle was the icing on the cake!

We spent a good part of the day reading A Study In Scarlet from the massive collection of all the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories that I had also given him, with this amazing candle blazing in the background, creating the most amazing mood. It really added to the experience of reading the story and made it a very fun and immersive experience. It really feels like you are sitting in 221B Baker Street in 1880’s London, listening to Sherlock alternate between scratching away at his violin in a melancholic fugue and spinning off into a manic flurry of ranting excitement and scientific exploration. This candle, like the stories, takes you right along for the ride – and what a wonderful ride it is!

Jennifer’s description states that this candle is “an elementary blend of aged leather and savory pipe tobacco, nuanced with hints of Oriental opium and oud wood.” and that description is 100% dead on. We both immediately smelled the gorgeous scent of leather and pipe tobacco, and the hints of of oud wood and opium just added to it. Definitely a mysterious, complex, refined and moody scent worthy of Sherlock Holmes! My husband loves this candle and so do I!

Jennifer was also kind enough to send me some extra candles to review, which I will be doing as soon as possible! Rest assured they all smell absolutely amazing and there are at least a couple that I will be buying full sized versions of as soon as I can! I wish I could just wrap myself up in these scents. If these were made into perfumes I would wear them every single day. So gorgeous!

Because I bought my husband 221B Baker Street for my husband as a gift, Jennifer even typed up my little note of birthday wishes to him on her vintage typewriter, which was such a wonderful touch! The amount of love, talent and care that goes into Jennifer’s products is undeniable and her candles are second to none. They last a long time, too, which is definitely a huge bonus!

If you’re a fan of mystery novels, or are living a vintage lifestyle, these candles are definitely a must. Even if you just love scented candles, you should definitely try Flame Noir Candle Co.! Jennifer is incredibly talented and her dedication to creating candles that are safe not only for the humans who will be buying them, but for animals and the environment as well, really is praiseworthy and commendable. The fact that she can do that and make candles that smell amazing and are inspired by vintage detectives and get the scents related to those characters down perfectly, is just genius.

221B Baker Street, and Flame Noir Candle Co. get four thumbs and two paws up – two thumbs from me, two from my husband and two paws from my cat who wanted to show her praise too but has no thumbs. 😉

As it says in my little side bar over there, you can get 10% off your order at Flame Noir Candle Co. using coupon code: FNCCKITSCH2018 at the checkout! Good for one use, until December 31st, 2018. I definitely, definitely recommend these candles, without a doubt. I was incredibly impressed and they exceeded even my expectations! If you want to learn some more about what Jennifer does and the love that goes into her work, you can read the interview I did with her back in March here.

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