Screenland Magazine, February 1923

This cover of Screenland would undoubtedly draw readers, with the lipstick red cover, sultry redheaded siren and the bold, all-caps question, "IS NUDITY IMMORAL?" (within the issue itself, there is some nudity, by the way, so I guess that kind of answers the question!). There are some other interesting articles too, such as '"Bad" Films … Continue reading Screenland Magazine, February 1923

Meteor, 1979 I love a good 1970's disaster flick! Meteor stars Sean Connery, Natalie Wood ( ❤ ), Henry Fonda and Brian Keith. A meteor dubbed Orpheus is heading straight for the earth, causing devastating destruction around the world before it even hits. The US has no choice but the team up with the USSR to … Continue reading Meteor, 1979

Murder, Lies and Cover-Ups, by David Gardner, Review

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a sucker for these kinds of books. In Murder, Lies and Cover-Ups, David Gardner takes on five very high profile and incredibly tragic deaths - that of Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson - and attempts to expose them as (potential) murders, … Continue reading Murder, Lies and Cover-Ups, by David Gardner, Review

March For Our Lives

The march will be starting at 11:30am EDT and will be live streamed by various sources, including Washington Post: And ABC News: TIME: I'm definitely going to be watching, and hoping against hope that this helps to change things, that the powers that be actually listen. I still remember Columbine and how … Continue reading March For Our Lives

Interview with Jennifer of Flame Noir Candle Company!

I'm so excited about this interview! As someone who loves vintage mysteries, noir and detective fiction and has always wished that she could live in her favourite books, films, and tv shows, Flame Noir was an amazing find! Jennifer's scented candles are not merely an homage to some of our favourite detectives, they actually help … Continue reading Interview with Jennifer of Flame Noir Candle Company!