Honey in a Harlequin Print! A Pinup Girl Clothing Alfreda Dress Review


Once in a blue moon – or in my case, a lifetime –  you find a dress that just makes you feel instantly happy as soon as you put it on. The Alfreda dress by Laura Byrnes, the creative  genius behind Pinup Girl Clothing, is that dress for me. From the moment I first put it on, I felt beautiful, fifty feet tall, comfortable in my own skin, and at home in my own body. Wow. I honestly didn’t think that a dress could do all that, but this one sure did!

Before I go on, I should give you the details on the Alfreda!

Brand: Pinup Girl Clothing, Laura Byrnes California

Dress: Alfreda dress in blue House Harlequin

Materials: Cotton Sateen (swing skirt and peek a boo blouse) and Ponte Knit (3/4 length bodice)/97% cotton, 3% spandex, dry clean only.

Fit: XS, fits true to size (32-34″ bust, 24-26″ waist).

Size Ranges: XS (32-34″B, 24-26″W) to 4x (52-55″B, 44-47″W).

Retails for: $168 USD

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Extras details: comes with matching belt (which I forgot to wear for these photos, sorry!!) and the skirt has very deep lovely pockets! I want pockets in everything now thanks to this dress!



This dress fits like a glove! I’ve never owned a dress that fit me so perfectly, if I didn’t know better, I’d think it had been made just for me! I absolutely LOVE this dress! A typical problem I have with dresses, being an A cup gal, is that even if they fit perfectly fine everywhere else, the bust looks baggy and ill-fitting, but that is definitely not the case with this dress! It is incredibly flattering even for us smaller busted ladies, though there is definitely room in the bust for those who need it.

The sleeves are the tiniest bit loose on me but that just means that they are not restrictive, which is actually a plus in my book! This dress is so beautifully tailored and so well made, I honestly wish I could learn dressmaking, design and tailoring from Laura Byrnes, because she really knows what she’s doing! Basically, I want to be Laura Byrnes when I grow up.



The first thing I did when this dress arrived was start squealing excitedly, then I put it on and my heart skipped a beat – it really is a fantastic dress, I honestly can’t say that enough! I actually danced around my apartment after trying it on with a huge smile on my face. This dress makes me feel beautiful, and that is at the very top of the list of things that I look for in a dress, right along with fabulous fit, which this dress also has in spades. Another thing I look for is if the dress feels like “me” (one of those hard to define requirements, but I’m sure a lot of you ladies know exactly what I mean by this) and yes, this dress definitely does.

It’s an instant pick-me-up to put my awesome Alfreda dress on, with the super fun, kinda-kitschy-in-the-best-possible-way Harlequin print and just feel happy and at home in this dress and in my body. That feeling is truly hard to beat!

The only real downside to this dress is that it is dry clean only, which is a bit of a drag, but I have a dry cleaner right across the street from me, so all is not lost! 😉 And when a dress can make me feel this damned good whenever I wear it, something small like it needing to be professionally cleaned is really just that – small in comparison to how truly awesome it makes me feel. I want to be able to sew dresses that fit this beautifully one day!


I would definitely, definitely recommend Pinup Girl Clothing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there really is a reason everyone who wears Pinup Girl loves this brand so much! You just can’t beat the fit, the quality and the gorgeous style. I have since bought a second Laura Byrnes dress, this time from her Pinup Couture line, that I was lucky enough to find second hand on Etsy (review coming soon!) and I’m going to be bargain hunting and saving up for my next PUG dress, because they really are worth it! If they can take someone like me, with serious lifelong self-esteem and body image issues, and make me feel beautiful, well, there are just no words for how powerful that is.

Pinup Girl Clothing ships internationally, has frequent sales as well as a permanent dedicated sales page, a newsletter and has a really cool loyalty program. Pinup Girl Clothing is also sold through various stockists online, which can help to avoid any customs/duty charges for those of us outside of the US, for example, Canadians can purchase PUG’s Pinup Couture line on Retro Glam. 🙂


Full Disclosure: I was given this dress in exchange for a review by Pinup Girl Clothing, but all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own honest impressions.


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