Delineator Magazine, October 1932


I found this amazing issue of Delineator magazine from 1932 on and just had to share it with all of you! There are some really interesting articles in this issue, such as “Mussolini And New Spirit In Italy” (!!!) and “Now Is The Time For All Good Women.” Plus tons of vintage advertisements and fashions, of course! Some of the advertisements come in the form of charmingly illustrated comics like this one:

Screenshot (467)

‘”You’ve got them all stopped when you want to,” he says as they whirl. “You’re not such a dumb-bell yourself, darling,” says she.’

Other advertisements wax poetic about the wonders of Ex-Lax, or frighten women into douching with Lysol! Yup, Lysol!

You can read or download a copy for yourself right here!

I’ll end this post with a little peek at some of the gorgeous 1930’s fashions you will find in this magazine! 🙂 I hope you all enjoy this beautiful and astounding issue of Delineator Magazine!

Screenshot (472)


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