From the box of vintage sewing patterns…

Awhile back I said I would post all of the 1940’s/1950’s patterns from the box I got over the holidays and now I’m finally getting around to it! Like last weekend, there won’t be a Dior Sunday post (sorry!), with everything that has been happening in my life the last two weeks I just haven’t been able to get my head in the right space to prepare the posts, but I hope this will be a good replacement!

Some of the patterns are for children, most seem to be for young women and are size 14 – which actually works out very well for me, thank goodness! – and then there is a single men’s pattern in a size small and the one women’s maternity pattern.

First, the one men’s pattern, Advance 4437:


I love the faces on these dudes – the guy on the phone looks super casual and the older looking gentleman with the newspaper looks like he could be smoking, but I might be wrong.

The dreaded maternity pattern (Butterick 2005), which you’ve already seen in that one unfortunate post where I attempted to make the trousers:


The children’s patterns, which will come in handy, since I have so many nieces and nephews!:

(Click to enlarge images)

Now, the patterns in size 14, which are all very similar, actually – lots of skirts, blouses, jumpers/pinafores and are all (or at least almost all) from Simplicity. Also included is the cute little advertisement that was in one of the patterns:

(Click to enlarge images)

Kind of off topic, but I just want to say I love Simplicity patterns! I’ve made two of the Simplicity patterns from this box so far (4275 and 4928) and I’ve made other Simplicity patterns before as well, and they are definitely among my favourites. The three garments I made recently (which I will be posting as well, ASAP) that were from a modern Butterick pattern honestly made me feel like screaming into a pillow with frustration because of how confusing the instructions were at times – this is a problem I’ve yet to have with any Simplicity pattern.  I haven’t tried any Vogue or McCall’s patterns yet, but I hope they aren’t as frustrating as I found that one Butterick pattern. I ended up loving everything I made with that one Butterick pattern, but boy oh boy did I ever loathe the instructions!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these patterns! Hopefully I’ll get back on my regular posting schedule soon – I have a backlog of things I need/want to do with posts but have been struggling with some things and need to get myself back on track. Thanks so much for bearing with me through this! ❤


2 thoughts on “From the box of vintage sewing patterns…

  1. I hear you with the Butterick instructions. The corset I just made was a Butterick pattern, and I more or less used the instructions from a completely different corset while making it. I think that’s partly why I got it done faster. I’m glad that Simplicity is really going for it with the vintage patterns now, makes my life easier!

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