All The Pretty Things: Bella Bordello Review

Recently I acquired some gorgeous vintage items from Bella Bordello on Etsy and I just had to share them with you!

I was looking for a pair of long vintage gloves, which is what lead me to Bella Bordello, which is run by a fellow vintage loving gal named Emily (what a coincidence!). I love this shop, even the layout is gorgeous and decadent, as are the photos of the vintage items themselves – seriously, I want to crawl into the images and live there with all of the pretty things!


Image credit: Bella Bordello

I was so happy to find this pair of vintage nylon gloves. They are from France and were made in the 1950’s. They are in almost perfect condition, minus some light staining (if anyone knows how best to go about safely cleaning these gloves, please do let me know!!)

My package shipped quickly from the States and actually arrived a day or two earlier than expected! I loved the pink packaging and when I opened it, I was so thrilled I had to take some photos for you all to see the lovely way my item(s) were wrapped!


Wrapped like a present, in 1920’s sheet music! I almost didn’t want to open it, it was so pretty!

In the envelope was an adorable seashell card with the Bella Bordello business card and a 20% off coupon code as a thank you for shopping, which was such a lovely surprise bonus! 🙂


The sheet music my parcel was wrapped in is from January 1st, 1926! I love the illustration and the photo of the flappers in glasses! This sheet music has a ukelele arrangement! How fabulous!


The gloves were in a little pink bag and were even more beautiful in person!

They are 23″ long, so they go to just over my elbows and are a size 7. I love the beautiful pearl (?) buttons and the gorgeous stitching on these gloves! They’re so soft and lovely too!


The staining is very light, like I said and this picture shows some of the stains – they aren’t incredibly noticeable, but I’m definitely going to give them a nice clean if possible once I know how to do so safely. Hand wash in luke warm water with very mild soap, or vinegar perhaps? Would vinegar be too harsh? Hmmm…if all else fails and washing them would be detrimental, I can just pretend I’m Jo March and have stained my gloves with lemonade.

The second item is also really special and I saved it for last.


Yes, you read that right, this is a box of Schiaparelli stockings! The Schiaparelli! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these in the Bella Bordello shop!


I love how even inside the box there are total Elsa Schiaparelli touches – like the Shocking Pink Schiaparelli tissue paper!


A close up of one of the two pairs of stockings that came in the box!


Unfortunately they are a bit too large on me, but it would be worth beefing up these gams of mine to be able to wear them, because they are seriously the nicest stockings I have ever touched let alone worn. They are a world apart in quality from the stockings sold by any modern brand I’ve tried, that develop snags and runs almost as soon as you put them on – these babies were made to last! I wish I knew exactly what year these are from (the listing stated they are from the 1960’s), or what exactly they are made of (UPDATE: I believe they are made with nylon and Lycra, as mentioned in this lovely post I just found), all I do know is, they are divine, they are Schiaparelli and they are mine!! ❤ It’s like a dream come true to own anything by Schiaparelli!! I love them!


This is another more close up picture, so you can see the quality of these stockings, which surprisingly didn’t cost an arm and a leg! The prices at Bella Bordello are very reasonable, especially for the beauty and quality of what you are getting!

The stockings are Supp-Hose (support hose?) Supreme light-weight stockings in “Sun Worship”, and are sized “Tall” 10 1/2-11. Amazingly, they’ve never been used!


Just check out that gorgeous stitching! These are perfect and I love them so much!

Shopping at Bella Bordello was a lovely experience from start to finish and it is a wonderful place to go even just to online-window-shop (I’ve been back to do just that several times over the last week or so)! The special little added touches like the hand written card, the items lovingly wrapped in vintage sheet music (which was like a bonus gift all on it’s own! I love the vintage sheet music!), and the coupon code(!), really added to the joy of receiving this package in the mail. I will definitely be shopping at Bella Bordello again in the future!

Now, please excuse me, but I really must go put on my french gloves, my Schiaparelli stockings and my vintage purple chiffon gown (soon to be posted as well!!!) and swan around my apartment pretending to be Grace Kelly. Now all I really need are the perfect shoes – and perhaps even a little hat! Though, let’s be real, I’ve already got more glamour goin’ on than this city can stand right about now! 😉


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