Dior Sunday: 1947

For the next few weeks I will be posting some of my favourite Dior dresses (and suits!), with images taken primarily from the very amazing Christian Dior book put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and written by Richard Martin and Harold Koda, photographed by Karin L. Willis, published in 1996.

This week’s post I will be focusing on garments from 1947.

Screenshot (491)

Chérie dinner dress, Christian Dior, 1947

The Chérie Dinner Dress is made of  silk taffeta. I love the pleated detailing in the skirt of the dress and the beautifully structured bodice.

Screenshot (492)

Aladin dinner dress, Christian Dior, 1947.

The Aladin dinner dress is made of silk satin, and is absolutely beautiful. The Champagne silk satin drapes in such a stunning way and I love the bow detailing on the sleeves. This dress is just dreamy!

Screenshot (494)

Mystère day coat, Christian Dior, 1947

The Mystère day coat is just gorgeous! It is made with black wool with moss-green silk taffeta trim at the front. I love the pleats! This day coat makes me wish so hard that I weren’t allergic to wool! I love everything about this coat.

Screenshot (495)

Eugénie ball gown, Christian Dior, 1947

The Eugénie ball gown is beyond words! It is made of pink nylon lace and is just so dreamy! I love the fitted bodice and the gorgeous skirt. Just imagining wearing this dress nearly stops my heart. So beautiful!

And last but not least, a suit I’ve posted about previously…

Screenshot (493)

Bar Suit, Christian Dior, 1947

I couldn’t leave out Dior’s iconic Bar Suit! The jacket itself was made of beige silk shantung. The Day skirt featured in this photograph was actually made in 1969 from a 1947 design was made of black wool.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Next Sunday I will be sharing Dior garments from 1948. 🙂


Image Credit for this post: Karin L. Willis and the Metropolitan Museum of Art


6 thoughts on “Dior Sunday: 1947

  1. So beautiful! I was in Paris last week, where there is currently a huge exhibit for the 70th anniversary of the house of Dior. I was ready to get in line, then I heard that the wait would be 6 hours…just to get into the museum! What a testament to the talent of Dior that his designs still have so many admirers, 70 years later!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! Did you end up going to the exhibit? I can’t imagine a six hour wait just to get inside a museum! But you’re right, it really is a testament to his talent. 🙂 I’ve been hearing and reading so much about the exhibit in Paris and really wish I could go! But I’ve been living vicariously through those who have been lucky enough to make the trip. 🙂


      • Unfortunately, I had to skip the exhibit. I had a train to catch that evening, so with the long wait, I wouldn’t have had enough time to actually see anything once inside. My husband gave me the catalog for Christmas, though, and it’s stunning.
        I did see several of Dior’s New Look gowns on display at a different exhibit a couple of years ago, and to see the garments up close was such a treat. So much hand stitching!


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