Announcing The Winner of The Holiday Giveaway!


I feel about as excited as this cute little kid right now!

Yay! We have a winner for the Holiday Giveaway!!

First I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway, it was so wonderful reading all of your comments! Reading about your holiday traditions and memories and getting to know you all a little became a really happy, positive part of my day. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t give a little gift to every single one of you! That said, through the magical powers of’s Random Number Generator, we have a winner!

Screenshot (480)

Lucky lady number 33, Rachel! 🙂 Rachel, I will be sending you an email (and sending your contact info on to the lovely giveaway sponsors!) very shortly! Congratulations and I hope that you enjoy all the awesome patterns!

Thank you so much to Deirdre of Vintage Pattern Lending Library, Lauren of Wearing History, Anna of Booty Vintage, Xandra of Eva Dress and and Jennie of Sense & Sensibility Patterns for donated the awesome prizes for this giveaway, you are all amazing!


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