McCall’s 6904, circa 1963 and an update on the Halloween Coco

My Halloween print Coco dress is unfortunately not going very well. First I inserted puffed sleeves like I had wanted to, but they made the dress look like a nightmarish 1980’s party dress, so I removed them and tried 3/4 length sleeves instead which thankfully looked much better. BUT after trying it on for about the fourth time during this entire process I realized that though the fabric feels fairly soft on the right side, the wrong side of the fabric – which would be right up against my skin – feels scratchy and uncomfortable. I’m incredibly sensitive to how fabric, or anything, really, feels on my skin and I knew that it would bother me so much I’d never wear the dress which is a huge bummer. So I decided to set the project aside for now while I decide what to do. I figure I could either take the dress apart and line the entire thing with a nicer feeling fabric which would be a heck of a lot of work or I could take it apart and turn it into a skirt, which could be worn with a slip or lined and would possibly be a little less work. Not gonna lie, it’s frustrating, but it was all due to my own poor judgement. Maybe if I finish it up and then wash it a bunch of times it will feel softer?

Anyway, while I figure out what to do with that particular mess, I’m thinking of attempting to sew a dress I’ve been wanting to sew for months now but have been too nervous to try because it involves buttons and buttonholes. I’ve never sewn a buttonhole in my life! But I decided to try and ease my anxiety about trying a new technique by practicing on some scrap fabric first, because I really do want to make this dress! It’s an adorable early 1960’s shirt dress:

(Click to enlarge images)

When I first saw this pattern I loved view B so much that I tried to get fabric that would at least look somewhat similar to how the pattern illustration looked so I could try and recreate the illustration because it’s so cute and chic! So I’m going to be making view B in one of the two fabrics shown, I’m just trying to decide which one. They’re both cotton and I believe they’re both houndstooth – the smaller print is for sure – and they both fray to an amazing degree:

Both of these are a bit overwhelming on the eyes – if you look at houndstooth for too long it has the same effect as looking at an optical illusion – your eyes start screaming a little bit. Or is that just me? 😉 But still, I love it! I think the larger print might be a bit easier on the eyes, but the slightly smaller print might suit the dress more.

I might pick the smaller houndstooth print, because though you might not really be able to tell from the photos, it’s blue and white, and I have been wanting to wear more blue for awhile now. But at the same time, the black and white larger checks look closer to the pattern illustration. Hmmm…I have a lot of thinking to do, it’s so hard to decide! Maybe I’ll just flip a coin. Or make two dresses. 😉

I’m going to go relax with some simple hand sewing (I’m working on yet another very basic patchwork quilt) and continue re-watching The House of Eliott with my cat while I try and puzzle all of this out. Maybe the Eliott sisters will give me a flash of  amazing dressmaking inspiration, I could certainly do with that!

Which fabric would you choose for this dress? Do you have any idea how to salvage my Halloween Coco without scraping the entire project or starting over from scratch? I’d love to hear any tips or advice for either project you might have!



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