Modes De Paris, July 15th, 1949 Free Download!

Modes De Paris was a women’s magazine from France that featured mail order sewing patterns, little stories, articles and lots of vintage advertisements and I just happened to get my grubby little vintage loving hands on a few issues from 1949-1950! I bet you can imagine how excited I am to own these beautiful pieces of history!

Well, I wanted to share some of that excitement with all of you, so I created a PDF of the July 15th, 1949 issue that you can to download for free!

Here is a little preview of the cover – check out those bright and cheerful looking 1940’s fashions! So many primary colours!

cover Modes De Paris July 15th 1949

If you would like to see all 16 pages of this adorable magazine, click here to download!

I hope you enjoy this PDF of Modes De Paris! Let me know what you think of this darling magazine in the comments – I could talk about vintage magazines all day long!



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