Vintage Charmin’ Chatty Doll Commercial

(Note: The person who posted this video to Youtube mistakenly marked it as Chatty Cathy, but it’s definitely not! This is a Charmin’ Chatty doll, as said in the commercial.)

No, Charmin’ Chatty, I don’t like pickle ice cream! This doll sure says some wacky stuff! So quirky, I bet my young niece would love her!

I never had a talking doll growing up, the closest I had was a baby doll that cried. I hated the crying sound so much that I might have accidentally/on purpose broken it’s voice box. Then it just made a weird static, garbled crying sound occasionally until I did the smart thing and removed the box from inside of it all together. I did love that doll, don’t get me wrong, the wailing was just disturbing to me. I find these talking dolls fascinating though, and really funny! It would be really cool to own one that still worked!


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