Let’s Take 1930’s Home Economics Together! Chapter Eleven: Making Additional Underwear

Last week, we learned how to use a commercial sewing pattern in Lesson Ten: the Use of a Commercial Pattern from Dulcie Godlove Donovan’s “The Mode in Dress and Home,” published in 1935. This week, we will draft some more patterns and make some more 1930’s undergarments in, in Lesson Eleven: Making Additional Underwear!

(Click to enlarge and read pages)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson and that you’re loving your slinky 1930’s slips and undergarments! Join us again next week, when we will be learning to make some pajamas in Lesson Twelve: Sleeping Garments!

To read along with previous lessons, please feel free to search the Let’s Take Home Economics Together category, or the Home Economics tag.


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