Why Doesn’t Cathy Eat Breakfast? (1972)

In this short film, brought to us by the Dairy Council, a young girl named Cathy is asked why she doesn’t eat breakfast. Though the question is asked and the answer is guessed at throughout the film, we never actually find out why Cathy doesn’t eat breakfast. How thoroughly maddening!

We do see tons and tons of food though!

But now I’m left wondering, why doesn’t Cathy eat breakfast? Maybe she’s like me and just never feels hungry in the morning. Maybe she has an eating disorder – though they weren’t something that was really talked about or even known about (by the general public) until 1983, when poor Karen Carpenter died and the media brought Anorexia Nervosa to the public’s attention for the first time.* I’m guessing that since the video is from the 1970’s and was brought to us by something as benign as the Dairy Council, that isn’t the answer in this case, but then, what is it? What do you think? Why doesn’t Cathy eat breakfast?!?!


*Note: I’m not counting the 1981 made for tv movie adaptation of Steven Levenkron’s “The Best Little Girl in The World”, because that was a sensationalized fictional account, and Karen Carpenter’s death and the amount of press attention it brought to the disorder reached far more people and had a much more lasting impact.


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