Let’s Make A Sandwich! (1950)

This short video from 1950 on making a sandwich was brought to us all by the gas company, of course! As dubious a connection as that may seem, it all makes sense once we learn that the sandwich in question is Tuna Rarebit, cooked on the gas stove with a double broiler.

Too bad tuna is pretty darned close to the top of my list of least favourite foods! I swear, I could almost smell it through the screen – horrors! But for those of you who enjoy it, this video will show you how to make open-face sandwiches with tuna, mixed with milk, butter and cheese, cooked in a double broiler, with parsley and a little Tabasco sauce thrown in for good measure. Don’t forget to offer it to your guests with a choice of milk and Coke! Jeepers.


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