My First Underbust Corset

Since the lovely Elena asked so nicely and I forgot to do this the last time I posted about it, I’m going to share a photo of the corset I ordered on Thursday and am waiting on the edge of my seat for.

I didn’t want to have to deal with a bunch of malarkey with customs duties/fees while ordering my first corset so I had to make sure that the price was under or around a certain amount, and luckily I was able to get a really amazing deal on the corset that I finally chose – $20.99 USD, down from $99 USD on! They have some really lovely corsets on sale in their clearance section right now if anyone in Canada (like me!) or the States is looking for a great deal on one –ย  and the rest of the corsets on their site are stunning as well!*

I had wanted to get a plain black one, but unfortunately there were none in my size by the time the funds cleared in Paypal from my bank account, so instead I got this turquoise beauty, which has a nice number of steel bones in it and I figure I can still hide it pretty easily underneath my clothes, because most of my tops are darker colours anyway.


(Image Credit:

You can find this same corset for sale here if you would like it! They still have sizes 20 and 22 left. It is satin with a cotton lining and has 14 flat steel bones (along with a metal busk in the front), which I’m hoping will work well for me to start with and ease me into eventually wearing one with more bones. I’m thinking of getting an overbust corset somewhere down along the line, so I’ll probably get one with more boning in it then. I’m really looking forward to getting steel hugs from my new friend every day! Hopefully it will arrive next week, my fingers are crossed!

When it has arrived and I’ve worn it around for a few days or a week or so, I will most likely write up a review, so I can let you all know how it works out, if anyone is interested. I’m really looking forward to it arriving and I hope that it ends up working out well!



*Here I would like make a note since I’ve mentioned the merchant a few of times in this post, and made a reference to their sale, so some may wonder – I am in no way affiliated with them, and I was not asked to write this post or a review. I purchased the corset myself, with my own money, so any opinions I express in this post or in any review I may end up writing for this corset will be my own and free of any outside influence. ๐Ÿ™‚


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