Tomorrow Always Comes

This vintage promotional film stars Gloria Willis and is one of the most amazing advertisements I have ever seen. The lengths they went to to sell Rayon to women is amazing and this little movie always makes me laugh. I love the gorgeous 1940’s clothing and you see a vintage sewing machine within the first few minutes of the film! I sadly haven’t found any affordable rayon in my fabric store, but it’s one of the textiles that I just love to feel and handle whenever I make a trip there, because it’s just so silky and nice against the skin. Well, enough of my rayon raving, I’ll let this gigantic, lavish advertisement from the 1940’s tell you all about it!

Side note, Gloria Willis reminds me so much of Judy Garland in this, which makes me enjoy it even more, because I adore Judy.


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow Always Comes

  1. Wonderful video! But you know, rayon is simply good quality viscose. “Rayon” is a registered trade name, I believe, whereas “viscose” is the simple name of the fibre type. And viscose, pure and blended, is very widely used and comes in many weights, weaves and knits! As well as different quality, too. So keep your eyes open. ๐Ÿ™‚

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