Health Benefits of Corsets?


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In the last year I have read and heard about the possible health benefits of wearing a corset – mostly for people who suffer from chronic back pain due to injury, scoliosis, and the like. This is a topic I have a personal interest in, because I have scoliosis myself, and am missing a vertebrae in my spine on top of it, so decades of poor posture due to all of that has caused me to have chronic pain that no amount of physiotherapy, over the counter pain killers or trips to the chiropractor (years ago) has ever helped.

Corsets make a strange kind of sense –Β  a lot of young people with scoliosis wear back braces, and it stands to reason that a corset would do something similar – control your posture, support your back, etc. And there are definitely people online that rave about their ability to help relieve back pain – usually people who make and sell corsets, and people like Tara Moss, who discusses it a bit in this video here:

If wearing a corset would help with the pain, it would definitely make life easier for me. I could spend more time sitting at my sewing machine sewing for one thing!

So this had already been on my mind when yesterday I somehow managed to injure my back while brushing my hair. Yes, just brushing my hair. To be fair, over the weekend I had also been doing a lot of heavy lifting and stuff like that, so it was probably more a matter of my back deciding that enough was enough. Either way, I seem to have pulled a major muscle in my upper back and I have been dealing with some pretty horrendous pain ever since. So I pulled out the one corset I own, which isn’t really a proper corset, it zips up in the back for one thing, but it does have some form of boning and fits me fairly well so I’m wearing it this morning to see if it helps. I had already been wearing it off and on over the last week while sewing at my machine to see if it would help control the amount of back pain, and it had been helping somewhat, but probably not as much as a custom fitted one would.

1890-1891 H O'neills fall and winter catalogue corsets

(Image Credit: H. O’Neill’s Fall/Winter Catalogue, 1890-1891, Pinterest)

So now I’m on the hunt for good and easy corset sewing patterns so I can make one for myself. Preferably ones that would work for a petite frame, or at least have multiple cup sizes if the are not under bust corset patterns.

What about you guys? Do any of you have any thoughts on the possible health benefits of corsets, or just thoughts on corsets in general, or any corset pattern recommendations? I love reading other women’s opinions on corsets, vintage under garments, “shape wear”, etc, so any and all thoughts are welcome!


17 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Corsets?

  1. I wear my steel-boned exoskeleton every day – keeps me pain-free. After 11 years of pain and loss of function and feeling in my hands, the effect of a corset was like magic. A proper strong steel-boned one, not a thin one with plastic bones (known as a “fashion corset”, i.e., only for show). I buy mine from Vintage Goth of London – see for USA & Canada. They have different cuts for different body types, so you need to make sure you’re getting the right cut. You can email them your measurements and they will advise you. Making a proper corset is not an easy job, and I feel it’s best left to the specialists. πŸ™‚ But you could always give it a go, of course!

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    • Love this comment! Thank you so much, I will look into Vintage Goth of London – the site for the US and Canada will be a big help! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to start saving to buy a lovey steel boned one! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the tip and for sharing how wearing a corset has helped you! It gives me hope that I can be pain-free too one day! πŸ™‚ I have some kind of metal (maybe steel? Not sure, I could post a picture) boning that I removed from some very ill fitting lingerie that I had bought back in the day, I’d been planning on using it one day for a corset, but I don’t know if I have enough. I’ll have to keep my eye out at my local fabric store – only realized a few months ago that they sell boning, they keep it hidden away! I could try making one until I can purchase a really good one!

      Thank you so much for this comment!!


      • Yes, I know!! The greatest difficulty is not to buy one for the looks but to stick to the right cut! Because you won’t wear the one that doesn’t fit properly, not when you’ve got a better fitting one, no matter the looks. I’ve got a few of those in my closet… :-p


      • Exactly! I’m thinking plain black, since a lot of my clothes are darker colours, and probably underbust because my bust area is incredibly hard to fit (I’m just under an A cup! :/). And I’d definitely send the ladies an email to make sure to get the correct fit! πŸ™‚


      • Yes, definitely email them. They will probably start you off on pattern 101, a.k.a. Candy – good for petite, and fairly straight, so good for first time users. I still wear two of those corsets even though they are too narrow in the hips for me, strictly speaking. But they somehow settled in, so still good over the clothes (so not for the office!).

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