And Then There Were None, 1945


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Ten strangers are invited to a remote island by an unknown person. It soon comes to light that each of them has committed (or has been accused of committing) murder, and one by one they are killed according to a disturbing nursery rhyme. As the killing continues, they start suspecting that the mysterious unseen killer must be one of them.

Watching director Rene Clair’s film adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie novel last night left me inexplicably on edge and as jumpy as a cat. The paranoia, claustrophobia and fear that pervades the film is definitely effective!

So grab a bowl of popcorn and prepare to be spooked by this unhinged brainchild of the Queen of Mystery herself, Agatha Christie.


2 thoughts on “And Then There Were None, 1945

  1. I’m a huge geek (like that’s a big surprise). A couple of my favorite shows are Alfred Hitchcock’s tv shows. I looked at the poster you posted and the guy above ‘four’ looked familiar and I know I’d seen him on one of Alfred’s shows before. It wasn’t until I saw his name “Barry Fitzgerald” that made me think of the Christmas episode he was in. anyway, I just love looking at different things and seeing if I spot anybody I’m familiar with. Although sometimes it can drive me nuts. “Where have I seen this person at?” It’ll either come to me at 3 in the morning or I end up cheating and looking the person up on imdb. 😀

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