Spotlight: Glamour Photography Magazine, 1956

One of my sisters gave me this magazine as a gift years back, and I wanted to share it with you all today. When I look at the pictures in this magazine, I wonder about the women who were photographed; did they do any other types of modelling? Did they like their work in magazines like this one? What were their lives like? Who were they, really? Some of the photographs themselves are truly kitschy, making use of some pretty outrageous props, or trying to depict little ridiculous stories – such as the feature “I Photographed Two Beautiful Hitchhikers.” It is an interesting look back at the so-called “glamour” photography of the 1950’s, for sure.

Now, onto the photos! I’ll put them behind a cut due to being possibly NSFW.

That second to last photo is one of my favourites!



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