You Must Relax: A Practical Method of Reducing the Strains of Modern Living by Edmund Jacobson, M.D., 1962 edition

A few years ago one of my lovely sisters gave me this book as a gift, and I’ve been slowly making my way through it ever since. It really is an interesting book and a real time capsule of the stresses of the post-WWII and Korean War atomic age, as you will see if you read some of the pages pictured.

Thus America today has been stimulated by participation in two wars in which our very way of life was threatened and one in Korea which awoke us from our dream of disarmament. Gone is the quietude of the nineties when we lived in isolation from the quarrels of Europe, protected by vast oceans. No longer are we isolated. Our attempts to maintain and to spread freedom and our democratic way of life to other lands have survived the wars and are still going on but have aroused strong reactions. For the first time in history, we Americans have become the hated targets of foreign governments. Russia, China and their satellites, formerly our friends. Their emissaries issue venomous blasts against us in the very New York where we hoped to gather them in a peaceful world organization. Over the radio and by television, we can hear and see them call us “war-mongers” and we read of their threats against out allies of Europe.

Switch up the wars and this could almost be a modern day quote.

It’s funny, when I read various books and things from the 1940’s and 1950’s today, it can give me a very eerie feeling, of history repeating itself.

Here are some pictures I took of some passages from the book as well as the various photographs from the photo insert. I hope you enjoy them, and remember to relax!


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