Spotlight: Goodnight Marilyn radio show

Goodnight Marilyn Radio, hosted by Nina Boski, (with regular guests Gary Vitacco-Robles, Leslie Kasperowicz, Marijane Gray and April Vevea) is a Voice America radio show that investigates the mystery surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe.

The first season is a bit touch and go, but once the second season hits, they start going really in depth, touching on everything from Marilyn’s doctors, ambulance theories, the mob, to the Kennedy’s. They explore all the various theories about her death that have come up over the years, dissecting (and exposing!) the sources and trying to pin down what could have really happened. I haven’t finished listening to the show – I’m at about the middle of the third season – but it has been deeply engrossing. Since the subject matter is something so close to my heart, I have to take it in bits and pieces, because it can be very hard and very sad, but with that said, I am definitely enjoying it.

The website for the show can be found here, and you can find all the episodes of the radio show archived in podcast form here.


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