Agatha Christie and Tom Adams


(Halloween Party by Agatha Christie, Cover Art by Tom Adams. Image Credit: Tom Adams Uncovered)

Something about dark, stormy days puts me in the mood for some Agatha Christie. My mother was a huge fan and I remember seeing Agatha Christie books all over the house, and going to sleep some nights hearing the theme from Agatha Christie’s Poirot starring David Suchet drifting up to me and my big sister’s bedroom from downstairs. So listening to audiobooks of Agatha Christie’s mysteries and watching Poirot are infinitely comforting reminders of childhood and my mom.

Tom Adams was an artist who did some absolutely stunning cover art for Agatha’s books beginning in the 1960’s and carrying on for about twenty years, creating some very creepily beautiful artwork that I remember seeing as a child.

Today, since it is there is a near torrential downpour and I’m in the mood for some Agatha Christie, I will share with you some of the beautiful collaborations between Agatha and Tom.

(Image Credit: Pinterest Agatha Christie Covers by Tom Adams board)


2 thoughts on “Agatha Christie and Tom Adams

  1. These are some beautiful covers! I especially like the one for “Sleeping Murder”.

    And you know this lame joke’s coming. I’m just glad the creepy covers didn’t go into the BSC UK type of creepy cover. I know I’d have to close the window out or there’d be nightmares for sure tonight! They really could’ve made some great horror stories with the shit on those covers!

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    • LOL! Agreed 100%!

      Have you ever read or watched any Agatha Christie, by the way? I re-watched “And Then There Were None” last night for the first time since I was a child and it gave me a serious case of the heebie jeebies!


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