Some of My Sewing Patterns

Here are some of the sewing patterns in my collection, a lot of them are vintage, or vintage reproduction, with some steampunk and modern patterns thrown in. Some of these were featured in a previous post but some pattern numbers were missing in that post – oops! I have more patterns that will be photographed another day. I’ve been collecting these since last December.

(Click photos to enlarge for more detail!)

I’m currently working on sewing view 1 of Simplicity 6367 from 1965, it’s my first attempt at sewing a blouse.


I’ve sewn blouses for dolls, but until now I found the idea of making one for myself very intimidating, as most would require a Small Bust Adjustment since I was not exactly “blessed” in the bust department, and I find those particular pattern adjustments confusing as all get out.*Luckily this blouse has gathers above the bust and is not as tailored/fitted as most of the blouse/bodice patterns I’ve seen or attempted, and I think it will work out well. So far so good, anyway!

And my most recent pattern find is Butterick 9410 from the 1940’s, it’s unprinted (which means it has no written pattern markings, but a series of holes, etc, to mark instructions on the pattern pieces) and will be arriving this week – I’m so excited!


Beautiful! It will be my first time using an unprinted pattern, so wish me luck for when I try it!

I hope you like these patterns!

*note: if anyone can point me to a really good, detailed tutorial for Small Bust Adjustments that doesn’t involve a bunch of complicated math, etc, and preferably has step by step photos, please point me toward it!


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