My mechanical heart: Singer 128-13

On Monday I bought this lovely old gal, a Singer 128-13, Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine. She came with a buttonhole attachment, box of various other really cool attachments, original manual, bent wood case (with key!) and a lovely little table. I’ve had to do some minor adjustments (mostly to fix tension issues that arose) but I don’t mind, because it helps me learn how to do simple repairs and adjustments which I need to know how to do anyway. I oiled her up nicely and though there is still one problem, with the bobbin winding unevenly, I’m sure I’ll be able to fix it, and in the mean time, she is getting a lot of use! I absolutely love this machine. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is when she was made, other than a very vague sometime between 1948-1954 time range. Seems to be a common thing with Singers that were made here in Canada, I guess maybe the records weren’t as precise/complete/aren’t as available as those from say, the UK, etc. Not that it matters, I just love learning everything I can about these machines –  researching is part of the fun! And my cat seems to like the sound of this sewing machine way more than my modern Janome, I think she thinks it’s a big cat purring. It puts her to sleep – when she isn’t sitting by the table, looking up at me and watching the machine with intense interest.

Speaking of my cat, she’s trying to get my attention, so I might post some more photos a little later on. I hope you enjoy these!


6 thoughts on “My mechanical heart: Singer 128-13

  1. Congratulations! What a beauty. 🙂 Have you cleaned out the shuttle? Take off the spring and behold 60 years of built-up lint… Watch out for that tiny screw though – the floor loves to eat them! 😮

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    • I will have to do that for sure!! The only real issue with the machine at the moment is that the bobbin winding mechanism plays up a lot – the bobbin winds unevenly, usually building up a lot of thread on the right hand side, and sometimes the whole mechanism freezes up and I need to oil it and loosen screws and stuff like that to get it working again. I think it might be an issue with the heart shaped cam, but I’m not entirely sure. I always get it running again though, thank goodness! I love this machine and use it every day, it makes me so happy. 🙂


    • Oh! And thanks in part to your blog, I was able to adjust the tension on the shuttle, which helped clear up a problem I was having at first with thread getting bunched up and knotted up in a mess in the bobbin area, so thank you so much for your awesome blog!!!


    • Thank you!! I use it every day now, which is part of the reason there haven’t been new posts over the last week or so – every spare, quiet moment I have I’ve spent sewing with it! I love this machine. There are some definite issues that need fixing with the bobbin winding mechanism, but I’m working on it and I don’t mind doing small tweaks and attempted repairs on the go as I’m sewing. I absolutely love using this old girl. 🙂


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