More Dolls from Vintage Patterns, plus, one of the first dolls I ever made!

I found the first doll I made back when I started making these vintage dolls in November or December, I like looking at it now and then to see how far I’ve come. Even though there is a lot I still need to learn and improve upon, this gal from a 1940’s pattern and her tatty looking suite with bad stitching (“Hemming? What’s that? Screw hemming!”) not to mention her incredibly sad looking hair, shows me that I’ve definitely improved!

Now, here are some photos one of the larger vintage dolls I’ve been making recently. I believe that the pattern I used for this one was from the 1950’s.

Like I said, I still have a lot I can and will be improving upon, but one of the things I like about making these larger dolls is being able to practice the different dress patterns and making modifications to them. This dress needs work, but I love the puffed sleeves and gathered skirt. Learning to make gathered skirts for these doll dresses helped me be less nervous about doing it on a larger scale, and so I’ve made myself a bunch of gathered skirts in the last couple of months! Including one in the same fabric as the doll dress above.

For one last series of doll pictures, here is a stuffed mouse I found yesterday that I made when I was a kid. This thing is ridiculous! I used to make these for my sisters and they were the first dolls I ever made. This one has weird features, like a really hilarious chin, a belly button and pimples. Because in my child mind, mice could get pimples, I guess? This dude is also covered in tattoos! And really bad stitching. I sewed a penny into the mouse with the stuffing, which is something I did for all the mice I made for my sisters, because I thought that if they ever needed money, they could open up the mouse and they’d have some. Ooh! A whole penny! But then, this was back when we had a corner store that still sold penny candies, so there’s that at least.


I hope you enjoyed these random doll pictures!


2 thoughts on “More Dolls from Vintage Patterns, plus, one of the first dolls I ever made!

  1. You know what? I honestly think it’s a satisfying effort for your first doll. I know practice makes perfect and that’s obviously what’s happening imo. The other doll pictures you posted in the other post looked absolutely professionally made! And as wonderful as those looked, I can’t wait to see what your dolls look like down the line.

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    • Aww, thank you so much Jennifer! This comment made me really happy. 🙂 I’m getting quite a bit of practice in at the moment, between making dolls as gifts and the large amount I’m making to donate to children’s charities this coming holiday season, I’m working really hard to improve and perfect techniques. Plus, any excuse to make dolls makes me happy. They’re one of my favourite things to sew. 🙂


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