Vintage Sewing Books for “Little Girls”

I thought I’d share with you a couple of books written pre-1920, that were meant to teach “little girls” to sew. Of course, there were no books like these written specifically for boys, because home sewing was considered strictly women’s work. As ridiculous as that is, these little books are filled with charming projects and cute illustrations and are very much of their time. All of these are available to read or download for free on by clicking the links.


First, A Little Sewing Book for a Little Girl by Louise Frances Cornell, published 1918, which is a teaching aid partly disguised as a story book and includes projects such as doll clothes, kimono dresses, aprons and camisoles.

Next up, Sewing For Little Girls by Olive Hyde Foster, published in 1909, which also has instructions for making doll’s clothes and other “dainty” projects.


And, The Little Girl’s Sewing Book by Florence Klickmann, published in 1915, which has more of the same kinds of projects as the other two, but also includes photographs and odd little rhyming verses about the items the “little girl” is taught to make.

I hope you enjoy these! They really are something else. And All the little doll clothes projects should be fun for anyone who decides to try making a doll from the public domain doll sewing pattern link I put in the last post!


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