Dolls made from a vintage sewing pattern

I’ve been making dolls using vintage sewing patterns since about November-December of last year and instantly fell in love with the process. There is something relaxing about sewing a doll by hand while hanging out, listening to podcasts or watching a movie. The two dolls I wanted to share with you are some of the most recent ones I’ve made. The pattern I used was very basic, but I’ve started experimenting with drawing up little faces to embroider onto the dolls, inspired by illustrations from the 1920’s and so far I’m liking the result. I still need a lot of practice to get them looking exactly as I’d like, but I’m really enjoying playing around and making these, and making little doll outfits has been a great way to practice some different aspects of dressmaking, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Even though when I look at these two gals, I start nitpicking and getting hung up on certain details and flaws, I still really like them.

I hope you like them, too!


2 thoughts on “Dolls made from a vintage sewing pattern

    • Aww, thank you so much!! 🙂 I’m so glad you like them! While doing some tidying and sorting yesterday I found the first doll that I made in November/December, which is kind of hilarious looking, as well as a stuffed mouse that I made when I was a kid! I’m going to be taking photos of both and putting them up on the blog. I also found a bunch of the “books” I wrote from the ages of about 9 to 13, which I WILL be typing up as well, for the Snark Files. LOL. They are even funnier than I remembered.


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