At the Drive-in: Necromancy (1972)


Necromancy (also known as ‘The Witching’) is a highly enjoyable (and trippy) horror/thriller film from 1972, starring one of my favourite 1960’s-1970’s horror actresses, the wonderful Pamela Franklin, oh, and Orson Welles. (!!)

After losing their child at birth, Lori (Pamela Franklin) and her husband Frank (Michael Ontkean) relocate to a small town called Lilith, where Frank has been summoned to work in a doll factory by the mysterious Mr. Cato (Orson Welles), who has not only a disturbing level of control over the entire town, but an outright obsession with the occult. I wouldn’t want to give anything more than that away, because the movie really is worth watching for anyone who is a fan of 1970’s horror, so I will leave you with a really great fan edit of the film. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn!



One thought on “At the Drive-in: Necromancy (1972)

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