The Golden Age of Style: Art Deco Fashion Illustration, by Julian Robinson

I bought this lovely book on Art Deco fashion illustration, published in 1976, last month while out and about with my sisters, and it is just so gorgeous I had to share it!

From the inside dust jacket: ‘Even for the most jaded eyes, the collections of 1911 must have been a dazzling spectacle. After hesitating at the crossroads of fashion since the arrival of the Ballets Russes, the most influential of the French couturiers plunged boldly down a new thoroughfare, clearly marked “To Mecca.”  Paul Poiret’s harem pantaloons, lampshade tunic and simple, flowing gowns dramatically freed the fashionable woman from the shackling corsets of the Belle Epoque and, with Georges Lepape’s beautiful album Les Choses de Paul Poiret, heralded the Art Deco revolution in both fashion and fashion illustration.

This design revolution, which encompassed the whole field of fashionable life and the decorative arts, was promoted by the exclusive, limited-edition fashion magazines of the time in their skillfully written editorials and attractively presented illustrations. With the aid of extracts from these articles and 100 full-color reproductions of these increasingly rare, hand-stencilled fashion plates, Julian Robinson evokes the fashionable atmosphere of the period and captures the visual excitement of these creative golden years.’

If you love art deco and fashions from the periods of 1901-1939, and you find this book, it is definitely worth buying! Packed with information and absolutely stunning photographs and illustrations, it is a real joy to read and look at.


2 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Style: Art Deco Fashion Illustration, by Julian Robinson

  1. I’ve been playing catch up and reading the other posts from the past couple of days and just wanted to leave a comment here. I don’t mean to take anything away from the other scans in the other books when I say this because they’re equally lovely. The pictures in this book are just take your breath away beautiful!

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    • They really are, aren’t they? I absolutely adore art deco fashion illustrations! I have another art deco book that I will have to photograph for the blog, because the pictures in that one are stunning as well and I’m sure you would love them too! 🙂


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