Sewing Made Easy by Dorothy Sara

I love vintage sewing books, as I’ve mentioned before. Sewing Made Easy by Dorothy Sara isn’t one I own (yet) but is available to read on here I was flipping through it this morning and it really is packed with information that is still useful and relevant today for anyone who sews. All vintage sewing books are, actually! I would personally recommend vintage sewing books over just about any modern one on the market, you really can’t beat the wealth of information packed into every page – from selecting a pattern, to pattern alterations, sewing techniques, how to care for your clothing, etc. Constance Talbot’s “The Complete Book of Sewing”, which I will be featuring properly in another post, even has a whole chapter on re-purposing old clothing (“upcycling” as I believe it’s known today) due to being from the Make Do and Mend era.  Today’s book had a couple of super cute 1960’s illustrations I wanted to share.


Those poor, poor ladies, they only get half a head.

Unfortunately, this book doesn’t have a ton of illustrations. Well, it does, of the various pattern adjustments, seams, things like that, but when it comes to the goofy illustrations of women and clothes that I love so much about these books, this books is pretty sparse. BUT! Check out the six page list of contents in the beginning of the book!


If you love to sew or even just want to try and learn, you can find books like these online if you shop around, or you can keep an eye on your local used book stores or thrift shops, they can be a real treasure hunting ground for vintage sewing books (and patterns, fabric, notions and sometimes even sewing machines!) These books are definitely worth reading and definitely worth hunting down.


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