Make Do and Mend for Victory!

Speaking of Make Do and Mend, here is a little treat for anyone who is interested…

My maternal grandfather (Poppa) fought in WWII when he was very young and was lucky to only lose a finger when a barn (I believe) he was in was bombed. Though the effect the war had on him and his family was, well, sad, to say the least. My paternal grandmother was just a kid when she lived in England during the Blitz, which is another level of horror that I just can’t imagine. I’m sure my great-grandmother had to do quite a bit of Making Do and Mending for herself and her family, along with rationing and trying to find food on the black market. Poppa and Grandma passed away quite a few years ago now, so in memory of them, I share this little piece of WWII history.



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